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About SocialWow Affiliate Program

You must offer your readers valuable information as a driven website or blog owner. Naturally, you want to earn money from your efforts along the road. Utilizing the SocialWow Affiliate programme, you can immediately add value and generate income online while earning a 60% reward for each referral.

How Does the SocialWow Affiliate Program Work?

Your road to income will be eased by the quick and simple SocialWow affiliate application process. The way our affiliate programme works is simple: you sign up as an affiliate, share your URL, and get paid for any referrals you send our way. Review the following breakdown for a more thorough description of each programme operation:


Sign up as a Social Wow Affiliate

To sign up as a Social Wow Affiliate, you must complete a brief online application. You should not fear because the application is absolutely free to complete and safe and secure.


Set Payment Method

Payment will be made through PayPal. At the end of the online application page, you are required to provide your PayPal email.


Create Your Individual Affiliate URL

You will require the unique URL after signing up as an affiliate in order to link referrals and consumers to Social Wow. After being clicked, this link will establish a connection to your affiliate account, guaranteeing that any purchases made by that consumer will result in a commission being paid to you even if the order is not performed during that browsing session.


Share Your Affiliate URL

To direct your audience and website visitors to the Social Wow website, you can use your affiliate URL on various social media sites, in emails, and on your website or blog. As customers switch to Social Wow and orders are placed, revenue and commission from sales will be generated. The likelihood that you will earn a high revenue increases with the number of locations and frequency at which you distribute your URL.


Keep up to date with Affiliate Tracking

With affiliate monitoring provided by Post Affiliate Pro, you can easily keep track of your advancement and success. Because the tracking is so precise, it\'s simple to determine whether you need to adjust how you share your affiliate link in order to maximise your limitless earning potential as a Social Wow Affiliate.

The SocialWow Affiliate Program: Why Should You Participate?

Among social media service providers, SocialWow has established itself as the best in the business. It is obvious why signing up to become a SocialWow Affiliate could be a worthwhile endeavour that results in an unending source of revenue.

Listed below are just a few factors that make SocialWow unique in the eyes of our partners and affiliates:

Ranked #1 in the Industry – Over 100,000 happy clients of Social Wow have benefited from our expansion services to succeed. We were able to gain the confidence and support of our clients, who achieved success with our assistance, making Social Wow the top-ranked growth and social media service offered in the sector.

It's Free! – From signup to payout, this affiliate network is completely free. You can join, advertise your link, gain visibility, and earn money all without spending a dime. The Social Wow Affiliate programme is a lucrative tool that also adds value to your audience, winning over both of your audiences.

Long Cookie Duration – The cookie length linked to the affiliate is often brief with affiliate schemes. Our affiliates receive a lengthy cookie duration of 365 days with Social Wow. Any order placed up to 365 days after a visitor clicks on your link and does not immediately make a purchase will still give you credit.

High Conversion Rate – You will be promoting a service as an affiliate that links back to the Social Wow website in the hopes that someone will make a purchase there. High conversion rates can be found on our internet platform. As a result, customers are more likely to buy from you, increasing your chances of making money.

Earn up to 60% Commission – A Social Wow affiliate's main responsibility is to advertise your favourite goods and our services. To ensure that high commissions are given out for each client we receive, we have a structured system in place that keeps track of our affiliates and how effective they are with their referrals.

Timely Payouts – Every month, we make sure that all Social Wow affiliates get paid on schedule. Our affiliates are never left wondering when they will get paid. There is no minimum payout requirement, and rewards are quickly distributed on the tenth of every month. Every payment is made in US dollars.

Paid via PayPal – Our affiliates' payment procedures are automated and handled through an internet transaction. The PayPal account you submit throughout the application process is used to process all payouts. Social Wow does not yet support sending payments using standard checks.

Best Affiliate Support – We think it's important to offer our affiliates the same wonderful assistance that we give to our clients. We give you access to precise and cutting-edge resources, such as tracking programmes and fresh services, to support your success as an affiliate.

How Do I Qualify for This Program?

The one condition that potential affiliates must fulfil in order to register with our SocialWow Affiliate programme is the sole one. A functioning blog or website is the only prerequisite for signing up as an affiliate.

How Do I Become an Affiliate? 

Becoming an affiliate is a straightforward process. You may start making money online by promoting our services with just a few short clicks, a little typing, and approval. In order to sign up as an affiliate, do the following:

  1. Join the SocialWow.com Affiliate Program.

  2. Complete the required fields, then submit your application for consideration. For this stage, you will want both personal information and account information from PayPal.

  3. In the following 24-48 hours, you will be informed if your application was accepted or denied.

  4. You will be given your affiliate link if you are accepted as an affiliate. You must then promote your link and direct traffic to SocialWow in order to begin making money as one of our affiliates.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can earn up to 15% commissions with our market-leading affiliate program. It allows you a 3-day cookie window to drive more conversions.

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