Terms of Service

The main terms of service with which every user of the SocialWow website must fully comply are set forth in the text that follows. You are hereby prohibited from using any of the goods or services offered by SocialWow if you are unable or unable to abide by any of the conditions stated in this document.

Please make sure to review this page frequently so that you are aware of any significant updates or additions to our current terms of service.


We do not make any promises on the tools and content that we offer on the SocialWow website in terms of its performance, accuracy, timeliness, precision, or suitability. The business disclaims all responsibility for any outcomes that may result from using SocialWow's services and content. The discovery and correction of mistakes and omissions on our website cannot and will not be guaranteed by us.

The complete ownership of all information and materials published on the business website belongs to SocialWow. It is totally forbidden for users of SocialWow to share, reproduce, or otherwise engage with any part of the site's material in a way that is not expressly permitted by the business. utilizing, in whole or in part, the website and its content

Access to Links

Links to third-party services are always provided by SocialWow just as suggestions and never as recommendations. We assume absolutely no responsibility for any outcomes that might result from using any of the links on this website. The consumer is instantly subject to the terms and conditions established by the relevant third-party service provider when clicking a third-party link.

Content Use

SocialWow solely publishes information for informational purposes; it makes no recommendations or offers any kind of advise. The business disclaims any liability for how the client uses the information provided or for any negative effects that may arise from relying on the information provided by SocialWow. There are no assurances of accuracy or comprehensiveness and all material is supplied "as is." The complete responsibility for all deeds, deeds, activities, and any repercussions rests with the consumer.

Guarantee Conditions

For orders for the company's goods and services that are not delivered within the predetermined timeframe, SocialWow offers an exclusive guarantee. Only if it is established that the company's negligence or mistakes caused the deadline to be missed, will we fully reimburse the initial purchase price. If the company is unable to fulfil within the specified time limit owing to events beyond our control, our promise is null and void. The money-back guarantee may also be withdrawn or refused at any moment and without prior notice by SocialWow.

Denial of Service

We at SocialWow have a zero-tolerance policy for using our goods in an unethical or fraudulent manner. Therefore, we reserve the right to prevent anyone we suspect of engaging in or attempting to engage in any illegal activity from accessing our services or the SocialWow website. In addition, we retain the right to withdraw all payments and cancel any pending orders for services in the event that SocialWow's terms and conditions are broken.

Any suspected cases of fraud will be reported to the appropriate authorities, and the offending person or persons will be permanently barred from using any of SocialWow's services.

Retention Guarantee/Warranty

For a period of 60 days, all SocialWow services and products are covered by our retention guarantee. This means that we will replace any lost followers, likes, views, plays, etc., 100% free of charge, for the first 60 days following the fulfilment of your transaction.

However, if any action or conduct violates the terms of service outlined in this article, our retention guarantee will be nullified and void.

If you notice the loss of any of the offered products during the first 60 days, do get in touch with the SocialWow team right away so that timely replacements can be arranged.

Social Media Accounts

The decisions or actions of any of the social networks we offer promotional goods and services for are outside the control and influence of SocialWow. Therefore, in the event that pages, profiles, or accounts are stopped or deleted for whatever reason, we disclaim all liability.

As a result, the consumer acknowledges and agrees that they utilise all SocialWow services totally at their own risk. We accept no duty or responsibility in the event of subsequent accounting issues stemming from the use of the services we provide because the terms of service established by any social network may change at any time and without notice.

Data Modification

For the course of the campaign with SocialWow, the customer is strictly forbidden from making any changes to their social media accounts or the designated material.

Any modifications made could make your content, account, or profile inaccessible, disrupting or stopping the delivery of the required services.

The right to cancel the customer's order and keep all unpaid balances is reserved by SocialWow in the event that any data or account modification negatively impacts the delivery of our services. In situations where data modifications have negatively impacted our ability to provide the requested services in any manner, our return policy does not apply.

Third-Party marketing Campaigns

Please be aware that your campaign with SocialWow cannot, under any circumstances, run concurrently with any other marketing efforts. To ensure the quality and efficacy of the products we offer, we monitor their performance while rendering our services. The accuracy of the metrics we track could be impacted by any concurrent campaigns, making it hard for us to evaluate the value and efficacy of our offerings.

We reserve the right to take credit for all subsequent benefits of the combined efforts if the customer runs any additional marketing initiatives in addition to their SocialWow campaign. Likewise, we disclaim all obligation and responsibility for any unfavourable outcomes that may result from the simultaneous use of several advertising tactics.

Please get in touch with a member of the SocialWow team if you have any queries or concerns before visiting our website or using any of the services we offer.

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