Privacy Policy

SocialWow makes every effort to protect the confidential data it has obtained from clients and website visitors. Private information is never sold or given to outside parties for marketing or promotional activities of any type.

Every piece of personal data that SocialWow gathers is used solely to enhance the quality of our services. Customers may email a team member at [email protected] to seek the rectification or deletion of any personal information stored by SocialWow.

You should be aware that the terms outlined in this privacy policy could change at any time without prior notice. So that they can continue to comply with and comprehend the outlined terms, it is the customer's responsibility to routinely check this document.

Customer fully agrees to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this privacy policy by using the SocialWow website or using any of the company's services. You are not permitted to use the SocialWow website if you are unable or unwilling to abide by all of the company's terms and conditions.

Information We Request

The consumer must give personal information, including their complete name, contact information, corporate information, payment information, and other associated data as stipulated by the company, in order to utilise the services offered by SocialWow.

In order to ensure that SocialWow is aware of any changes to the customer's personal information as soon as they occur, the customer expressly agrees to provide SocialWow with information that is 100% accurate and complete.

Although customers are under no obligation to give the business any personal information, failure to supply the information requested may prevent them from using SocialWow's services. The client agrees that SocialWow may occasionally contact them about promotions and special offers, or for any other purpose that SocialWow deems appropriate.

Secure Information

At SocialWow, we make a lot of effort to secure both our customers and our company against unauthorised access to, destruction of, disclosure of, or alteration of the sensitive information we store. For optimal peace of mind, all transactions are protected by state-of-the-art electronic, physical, and security protocols.

While regularly evaluating the efficacy of our physical and digital safety standards, SocialWow encrypts its website and checkout process using the most recent SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Only SocialWow workers, each of whom is contractually obligated to preserve the highest standards of safety and security at all times, have access to our networks and information databases.

Cookie Use

Cookies are tiny files that websites download to users' computers when they view them. Cookies keep track of crucial information about user preferences, including preferred languages, interests in certain goods and services, browsers or devices used to access the website, and so forth. Cookies are used by SocialWow to gather anonymous data that is only used to improve the user experience.

Please refer to your browser's user manual for information on how to delete and block cookies if you would prefer not to allow cookies to be kept on your computer.

Third-Party Links

All external links supplied by SocialWow should only be considered suggestions and in no way represent the company's endorsements or guarantees. By clicking on any of the third-party links offered by SocialWow, users agree to the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the corresponding third-party service providers and assume all risk associated with doing so. Any negative effects that may result from using any of the links on the SocialWow website are not our responsibility.

More Information

No unwanted emails are ever sent by SocialWow, and we never give out email addresses to outside parties so they can get in touch with you without your consent.

No personal information is required in order to visit the SocialWow website. However, in order to register with SocialWow and later enjoy the goods and services we offer, you must first give certain types of personal data.

The customer is solely responsible for making sure that the personal information they submit is true, complete, and current.

In order for SocialWow to better understand our key demographics, the IP addresses of all registered users and website visitors are gathered, kept, and aggregated. None of this data identifies a specific person.

Furthermore, SocialWow never knowingly gathers any personal information or data from kids.

We always take precautions to prevent unauthorised access to and improper use of our customers' confidential information. However, no virtual or physical safety measure can guarantee complete protection from all attacks or unintentional occurrences. Therefore, SocialWow disclaims all duty and obligation for any outcomes that may result from a data breach or security issue that is not under our company's direct control.

Therefore, you consent to release us from liability and keep us free from any injury, loss, injuries, charges, or other claims relating to such security breaches.

Contact SocialWow

Please get in touch with a member of the SocialWow team right once at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns about any aspect of this privacy policy.

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